A Tinkerer's Canvas

$ sudo apt-get install tinker-dev && sudo tinker.run()

Who am I?

Roy. Anuran Roy. (I like James Bond.) I’m a machine that converts coffee to code.

I am a sophocrat sophomore at VIT Vellore. Thanks to the CoVid pandemic and the lockdown it gave us for free, I am still at home, not waiting to go to college.

In the meantime, I am trying to learn a few stuff (read Web Dev and Competitive Coding :P). This is one such (noobish) example of how much I have developed in web dev :P

Well, tbh, this is my first time experimenting on CSS all on my own. You don’t have to like it though :P

What do I do?

Here’s a rough sketch of how I spend every 86400 seconds I am given regularly:


I like to do quite a lot of stuff in my free time, some of which are:

  • Sleeping: Seriously! This thing is the most blissful hobby of mine 😝. Jokes aside, I really WANNA sleep. But I can’t… #SedCollegeLyf
  • Reading: I’m an avid reader - yes, documentation isn’t all that I read! 🤣 I read a lot of books of various genres and tastes. The next hobby of mine is a natural consequence of this habit.
  • Writing: Yeah. I like writing stuff - sometimes I feel that I am not my usual self when I don’t write for a few days. Writing is my escape from the everyday life.😁
  • Watching anime: Yeah, not web series or movies. Nothing compares to anime when it comes to watching something to refresh myself.
    Being an avid Otaku, I watch a lot of anime - One Piece, Naruto, Death Note.., You name it, I’ve watched it 😜. Although college activities hae taken up a lot of binging time, I still try keeping up.

What am I doing?


(The Japanese Kanji for learn. Yes, I love anime 😝)

I strongly believe in the principle of learning for life. I absolutely love to get my hands dirty with code. And if it is in Python, then it can’t get better 💓
I’m currently trying to explore and learn new technologies. Those include:

  • Blockchain,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Applied Cyber Security,
  • Cryptography
  • Operating Systems (especially Linux)
  • Competitive Programming,
  • and Web Dev (both frontend and backend).

Currently my status on different online platforms:

  • 5 ⭐ at HackerRank (Python)
  • 3 ⭐ at HackerRank (Problem Solving)
  • 2 ⭐ at CodeChef
  • Pupil at Codeforces
  • Contributor at Kaggle
  • Beginner at TryHackMe

What do I work with?

  • Python (Proficient); R, C/C++ (Intermediate); Julia, JavaScript, Java (Beginner)
  • Googling
  • Python Data Science Libraries (like Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas, Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn)
  • Python Machine Learning and Deep Learning Libraries (Scikit-learn and PyTorch)
  • Python Backend Libraries and Frameworks (Django & Dash)
  • Python Web Scraping libraries (like BeautifulSoup, URLLib, requests, Scrapy)
  • HTML/CSS (Vanilla + Bootstrap)/JS
  • MongoDB
  • Shell scripting

My activities:


My Github activities

This is by far my most favourite site. Infact my web browser’s homepage is my GitHub profile.


This is my fourth most visited website (after Google, GitHub and StackOverflow ofcourse 😝). Wanna see my HackerRank profile? Head over here

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