A Tinkerer's Canvas

$ sudo apt-get install tinker-dev && sudo tinker.run()

Technical Blogs

Art of Problem Solving

This is my oldest blog, which is quite inactive now. But to be honest, this was the first blog that I worked on seriously. So many good memories abound…

You can find a lot of math and CS content here. Even a series on ML simply explained. I use the pseudonym A-student there.

My AoPS Blog


My Hashnode blog

My College Club blogs


CSED is a college club I joined that stands for Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Development. I work here at the Editorial and Technical Departments.

As a member of the Editorial, I ABSOLUTELY love working with the awesome team here, and write blog posts and newsletter articles. So much so that I like to take on extra responsibilities here.

Geek ‘N’ Freak:

Geek ‘N’ Freak (GNF for short) is a blog that I started with my friends. And man, what a journey! From barging into the top 11k sites in India (100k internationally) to setting up and coordinating a peer group of 21 members, we did it all. Easily the most thrilling one I’ve ever had in my life. From learning Wordpress and SEO to Graphic design and content writing, I developed myself a whole lot at GNF - easily the place where I learnt the most in my life. I turned from a complete nerdy introvert to a socializer here.

A lot of GNF posts of mine are still drafts, which may never be completed. But still, I am thankful to all my peers at GNF. I use the pseudonym Ron here.

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